In October of 2019, MLA members adopted our first Equity, Diversity and Inclusion statement during the annual meeting. In September of 2021, the MLA Board of Directors reaffirmed MLA's commitment to these values. Through their leadership and sustained effort, we will work to create a culture within MLA that recognizes, enhances and promotes the values of equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility and belonging for Michigan’s library community. 

MLA recognizes that the inclusion of diverse people, viewpoints and experiences are key to our success. It is essential that we embed these values into a robust framework that touches and informs all aspects of our work. Over the past two years, the MLA Board, staff, and members have shared a tremendous amount of time, energy, and input to make sure that MLA’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion was solidified in our strategic plan, in our statement of commitment, and through our training and educational opportunities. What are we committed to accomplishing? Read more in the September 2021 letter from MLA Executive Director Deborah Mikula.

2021 Equity, Diversity, Accessibility and Belonging Statement

Adopted By MLA Board in September 2021

The Michigan Library Association Board of Directors, staff, and ambassadors pledge to engage in a sustained effort to create a culture that recognizes, enhances and promotes equity, diversity and accessibility for Michigan’s library community. At the same time, MLA is steadfast in modeling an organization where our board, staff, ambassadors and members feel a strong sense of belonging and acceptance, where voices are heard, acknowledged and acted upon.

Image of equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging statement signed by MLA 2021 Board and staff

In order to do this, we will:

  • Certify that all organizational leadership, staff and ambassadors embrace the values of mutual respect and dignity for all persons when looking at our internal practices and policies with relation to governance, employment, and committee/workgroup service, ensuring equality of opportunity that is free from unfair discrimination and harassment.

  • Ensure open, responsive and respectful communication with any, and all stakeholders.

  • Create strong collaborations and partnerships ensuring that all interactions regarding issues of equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility, are reflective and responsive to the needs of the diverse state we serve.

  • Continually monitor and evaluate our internal and external activities to ensure we are providing an environment that makes all feel a sense of belonging, and welcomes equality and diversity in all its forms. This, above all else, will allow MLA to create a culture of shared values and cross-cultural understanding.

MLA is committed to advancing our work to be more equitable, diverse, inclusive, accessible, and welcoming across the state, including embracing and supporting the rich socio-economic, physical, cultural, racial, and ethnic differences that make up the Michigan library community and the residents they serve.

Download the statement (pdf).

Strategic Plan

Our 2021-2023 Strategic Plan will serve as a road map for MLA and includes Equity, Diversity and Inclusion as a Strategic Priority and as a Belief and Guiding Principle.

Equity, Diversity, Accessibility, and Belonging Strategic Priority:

Advance, advocate and support a more diverse and inclusive environment within MLA amongst our board, staff, and ambassadors. We are committed to ensuring that all individuals who apply to, work with or otherwise interact with us are treated with fairness and respect and accorded equal opportunity. We must be vigilant that our programs and services are inclusive of all library personnel in all cities, townships, and villages, in rural, suburban and urban areas in both the Upper and Lower Peninsula.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Belief and Guiding Principle:

  • We believe that by investing in equity, diversity and inclusion that all of our members will feel welcomed by MLA, and will be energized and empowered to embrace an information-driven world with open eyes, hearts and minds.

2019 MLA Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

During the 2019 MLA Annual Meeting that took place Thursday, October 17 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi at the MLA 2019 Annual Conference, MLA's membership adopted and signed the MLA Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement.

2019 MLA Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement Adopted by the MLA Members on October 17, 2019



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