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Your Bridge to The Library Profession

Joint Membership in ALA and the Michigan Library Association for Library and Information Science Students

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Why become a member of ALA-MLA?

About ALA

ALAThe American Library Association (ALA) works for students by advocating for increased library funding and ongoing development of the profession. Through our accreditation program, ALA ensures that the training you receive will prepare you for your chosen career.

ALA will help you with resources to find your first job and to remain competitive. ALA student members have access to the best network of career and professional development resources for library workers, including resume review services, job placement events and car and home insurance.

You will need more than classwork to be fully prepared for your career. Joining ALA divisions and round tables is an excellent way to build experience in your specialty by meeting and working with longtime professionals. To learn more about ALA divisions and round tables, including individual dues for each, please visit www.ala.org or call (800) 645-2433, ext. 5

About MLA

HiResMLAYour student years are the prime years to establish your relationship with your statewide professional association. Membership in the Michigan Library Association (MLA) affords access to a vast array of conferences, programs and workshops that provide personal and professional growth.

Career Opportunities

Your membership will enable you to enhance your career preparation and gain access to a wealth of career building resources. When you become an ALA-MLA student member, you automatically become entitled to all the following MLA benefits:

  • The MLA Career Center offers a broad range of career development and management services, including an extensive database of job postings, resumé examples, interviewing tips, career articles and helpful resources for career advancement.
  • Receive the latest library news, in-depth coverage on library topics, trends, news from around the state, news from the Capitol and MLA. Our e-newsletters, website, Facebook, Twitter and bulletins provide you with information and peer-to-peer communication.
  • Join the conversation with library professionals in Michigan through the MLA’s groups on Facebook (@Michigan Library Association) and Twitter (@MLAoffice). Attend professional development programs at special student pricing to cultivate and grow your professional network.
  • Be a part of a supportive forum of library professionals in the state for networking, discussion and collaboration  through committees, work groups and micro-volunteering opportunities.
  • Help drive the industry and set the direction for the future. Become eligible for leadership opportunities on a work group or special task force.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to present and to instruct by submitting proposals for programs and poster sessions at a multiple conferences and workshops reaching a variety of audiences.

Advancing the Profession Advocacy for Libraries and Library Professionals

One of the many valuable benefits of ALA-MLA membership its advocacy for libraries and library professionals. MLA accomplishes this through grassroots advocacy and advocacy at the state capitol.

The Michigan Library Association is:

  • A powerful, united presence for all Michigan libraries and library professionals
  • Your voice at the State Capitol
  • Monitors state legislation
  • Researches how issues impact libraries
  • Keeps you informed
  • Provides proactive outreach to the media about the value of Michigan’s libraries

At $42 annually for both organizations, membership in MLA-ALA is an excellent investment in your career. Learn more about joint membership at ALA.org.

Apply online

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Uniting the Michigan Library Community

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