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Michigan After School Partnership

MLA is partnering with the Michigan Afterschool Partnership (MASP) to increase funding for afterschool and summer reading programs throughout libraries. Where are today’s children and youth spending the hours between 3:00 and 6:00 PM? And more importantly, why does it matter? Because safety, learning, and growth are top priorities. And because communities are stronger when they include our young people.Our libraries know this first-hand!

The Governor’s FY2023 budget includes a $50 million investment for afterschool and summer programming. With the support of these dollars, more than a quarter-million more youth will be able to access the learning and development opportunities they need to keep growing into the successful adults of tomorrow.

As we all know, these learning opportunities include the programs that are offered at our public libraries – they are game-changers for our state – supporting academic, physical, social and emotional growth!

Unfortunately, there are too many communities in which these programs are less available then they should be.

  • The statewide youth/provider ratio is 376:1, representing a staggering undersupply of programs to meet current demand. The problem is even more significant in southeast Michigan, where the ratio is a whopping 531:1. More than 751,000 Michigan children would be enrolled in a program if one were available to them.
  • For every youth participating/enrolled in a Michigan afterschool program, another four are waiting to get in.
  • Worst of all, the youth who miss out on these opportunities are too often Black, Indigenous, or People of Color. Often, they’re struggling with low income at home—and that’s a cycle that is likely to continue without the infusion of strong out-of-school time supports.

Out-of-school time (OST) programs are necessary to support Michigan’s talent pipeline and economic future.

  • Sufficient funding must be specifically appropriated through a dedicated line item that specifically names community-based programs and libraries as recipients and/or district partners.
  • Failure to invest properly today will result in a generation of learners that have been inadequately supported as they seek to achieve their personal and professional ambitions. It is our responsibility to ensure the youth of today has adequate preparation and timely access to the opportunities they most wish to pursue. OST delivers strong results on both counts.

Robust state financial support is needed to keep afterschool and summer reading programs strong and growing. We hope you will join MLA to advocate for this initiative with our wonderful partners at Michigan After School Partnership. We need you to step up today. Check out the MASP Take Action toolkit and help us advocate – use the stories and images from your library to help tell the story of the need and investment that will come with additional resources. Learn more and get involved at


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