Letter From MLA Staff

November 18, 2021

At this time of thanksgiving as the holidays approach, the MLA staff took a few minutes to reflect on our work and why we are thankful for MLA, libraries and library staff. Our days are filled with supporting you and making sure all needs are met to the best of our ability. Each of you brings your own unique talents and wisdom to this profession and it is our honor to work with you every day.

I have discovered over time that I am drawn to places that are unique and creative, to places that exude a sense of community, to places that are lively and inviting, to places that are diverse and inclusive, to places that promote people’s happiness and well-being. That is our libraries! I am thankful that our libraries are the heart of our communities. Most of all I am thankful for MLA members’ kindness, patience and acceptance - the way you treat all that come across your path - it shows the values that you hold in the highest regard. Blessings for a holiday that is full of thanks and giving.

I am thankful to work for MLA and grateful for the opportunities to learn about libraries from across the state and nation. I am also especially thankful for my local library. I love my access to audiobooks and other digital services, and with the move to more remote workplaces, my library offers me a great space to escape from my own four walls. Not only do I get work done, but I also almost always leave with something new and exciting, whether that be a book, tool, game, or a greater sense of appreciation for the amazing staff members who serve our community.

Being thankful isn't difficult when you work for the Michigan Library Association. Most every day I get the privilege to speak to and interact with amazingly talented people who make our libraries a welcoming place for everyone. I am also very grateful for having access to digital services including audiobooks for which I have grown very fond. Especially the narrators with British accents...haha! The knowledge and expertise you give of yourselves every day are invaluable to all who enter your doors and I am honored to be a part of it. 

There is so much I love about libraries. I am thankful for all the individuals that work in libraries and everyone that dedicates their time and energy to stand up for intellectual freedom and support the freedom to read. I am thankful for books! As far as I’m concerned, books are one of the things that make life worth living. I am so grateful for free access to books – especially ebooks that I can access so easily from home. I am proud to be part of the Michigan Library Association and thankful for the opportunity to be of assistance to some really amazing individuals in the Michigan library community. Thank you for the work you do and happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful to live in a world full of books and libraries that offer limitless worlds to explore. From Hogwarts and Narnia to Arrakis and Middle Earth, there’s no knowing where you might get swept off to.

Libraries mean the world to me! I am thankful for libraries because they act as community spaces without barriers, where everyone is welcome. I truly believe that without libraries, the world would be a very dark place. They are safe spaces that allow us to be challenged, grow and learn. The best thing about libraries is that they connect us with one another. I am also very thankful that I get to work at a place as awesome as MLA! Here, I know that all of my efforts are helping make the world a better place. Happy Thanksgiving!



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